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Your Oriental rug can last a life-time with some simple steps to maintain its beauty. 
Read below to see if you are taking the right steps to care for your rug.

 Simple Cleaning    Simple steps can be taken to keep your rug dust-free and beautiful.

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Comb fringe with fringe rake or shake out by lifting corner of rug
  • Rotating your rug occassionally will allow for a more even wear pattern
  • Vacuum rugs that extend underneath furniture whenever possible to deter moth damage.

Keeping dust and dirt out of the pile of the rug will help maintain the integrity of the wool and prevent the rug from looking worn and dingy.

Professional cleaning is recommended every 3-5 years; more often if your rug is located in a high traffic area like the kitchen or bathroom.  Take your rug to a professional Oriental rug cleaner to ensure proper methods are used.  Avoid using in-home carpet cleaners or dry-cleaners as these services often use high-heat and/or chemicals that can damage your rug.  NEVER put your handmade rug into the washing machine!  

Stains Pets, food, paint, crayons...your rug is susceptible to all sorts of products that can cause permanent damage.  Spills and stains can be scary! When a spill occurs, address it immediately.  Try scooping it up with a spoon.  Apply club soda then use a white cloth or napkin to blot up the spill, working from the outside to the center, until all the liquid is absorbed.  If a stain remains, it most often can be treated with a simple, water-based solution, but it is best to consult an expert in Oriental rug care before attempting this.  

Repairs   Your Oriental rug is not a disposable product! When damage does occur,  we offer repair services to get your rug looking like new again.  Some of our common repair work includes:

  • Hand-tying of the fringe when it has unraveled
  • Reweaving or patching worn spots
  • Overcasting the edges
  • Color blending to hide worn pile
  • Replacing fringe or creating new fringe



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